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1. Jesus, George, it's a wonder I was ever born!

2. You're not thinking fourth dimensionally,

3. Give Me a Keg of beer...

4. I don't need a car. I'm moving to Los Angeles. Why would I need a car?

5. It's always the guy in my job that ends up doing 18 months in Danbury minimum security prison.

6. I don't scurry. I take the subway like any other animal.

7. Sheriff! You are violating my territorial bubble

8. I want the people to know that they still have 2 out of 3 branches of the government working for them, and that ain't bad.

9. My cousin Ellen married his half-sister's nephew, before she got bit by that dog and died.

10. Oh, I gotta yawn, stare at traffic, lick myself. And believe me, that could take hours if you do it right

e-mail the answers to
[email protected] before friday and I will post the results and the answers on Saturday.


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