Mangoes,the best way to eat one.

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The best way to eat a Mangoe.

1. Check to see if it is ripe.It should be firm, not squishy, not hard
Do not attempt to peel the skin.

2. Visualise where the seed lies inside the fruit:
it is the shape and size of a small flattened egg, with the
pointy end down, and the large end upwards at the same end as
the stalk.

3. Using a sharp knife, preferably non-serrated, cut along the
length of the fruit parallel to the flat sides of the seed.
Always cut downwards and away from you.
Start cutting about 1cm out from the stalk.
If you are left-handed, hold the fruit in your right hand, and
place your right thumb on the stalk and cut to the left of it.
(vice-versa if you are right-handed).

4. Spin the fruit round, with your thumb still on the stalk and
the cut side now facing the palm of your hand.
Make a second cut, parallel to the first.

5. You should now have three bits of mangoe :two 'cups' from each
side full of nothing but fruit and one central 'slab', about
2cm thick, with the stalk at the top and the seed in the middle.

6. Now comes the clever bit...cup one of the 'cups' in your hand,
and cut down through the fruit, almost to the skin, in a square
grid pattern, about 4 lines by 4, and then put the knife down.

7. Now, by pushing on the skin side, try and turn the fruit
inside out...small blocks of fruit will stick up from the
inverted skin, like a birds eye view of Manhattan.

8. You can eat it now !! Just bite the chunks right out of the skin.

9. Do the same for the other cup.

10.You are left with the central, seed-bearing slab, and you still
want more. Use the knife again, but this time, cut through the
band of skin surrounding the slab, at the point furthest away
from the stalk.

11.From the cut, peel the skin on each side of the slab back around
to the stalk and bite/suck the fruit off the seed.
Take care not to bite the seed, or you will break your teeth.

12.Select another mangoe, it should be firm. Not squishy, not hard.

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