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Another Brick in the Wall

Post 361

dragonqueen - eternally free and forever untamed - insomniac extraordinaire - proprietrix of a bullwhip, badger button and (partly) of a thoroughly used sub with a purple collar. Matron of Honour.

"all in all, it´s just another brick in the Wall"

smiley - dragon waiting since very long for her brick to show...

Another Brick in the Wall

Post 362

Alienfromearth,The Thingite Who Reads Stuff, Keeper Of The Daft Bananas

I'd like a brick that says 'Nature is better than concrete' in green, please.
smiley - schooloffish
smiley - spork

Another Brick in the Wall

Post 363


All my own brick - FOREVER!!!!

Another Brick in the Wall

Post 364

kipperonthefloor - Make sense? What fun is there in Making sense?

d'you know what, i don't really give a damn!

Another Brick in the Wall

Post 365


I wan't my flibble back- shagbark

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Another Brick in the Wall

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