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Your favourite Frankie Howerd

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Dazza Oxford

Hi, It would be nice if you could share your particular favourite films and television performances of Frankie Howerd, does anyone have any favourite lines or scenes and what about his live shows, did anyone catch him in person?

Your favourite Frankie Howerd

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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

Live on Campus, filmed at the Oxford Union (?) is a masterclass in stand up from a man who was a master before most of todays peon's were even a glint in the milk-man's eye.

Frankie was always watchable, even when the material was not of the best (he was totally out of place in any Carry On, IMHO...).

I suspect that Up Pompeii would NEVER be commisioned today due to it's content, but it reduces me to tears of helpless laughter whenever a repeat creeps out.

(aside-you might want to ask a friendly italic or such to transfer this thread to the article when it is (deservedly) put in the Guide. Otherwse it will get stuck to the peer review versoin and I think it should be part of the entry. smiley - ok)

And where was Frankie in the Top Ten of Camp shown on Channel 4 not long ago? Woe, calamity etc. smiley - winkeye
smiley - shark

Your favourite Frankie Howerd

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Dazza Oxford

You're absloutely right about the Oxford Union 'gig', it was a tremendous performance and must rate as one of Frankie Howerd's best. Funny enough LWT recorded a TV one off a couple of years ago called Bob Monkhouse on Campus, it could not have been that successful as no other comic ones were made, though it would be a bit much if we got to Doddy on Campus!

Up Pompeii was a classic sitcom, and like you, I still find it extremely funny yet still very much rude! It well deserves a repeat run, and I don't think it is too stereotyped for todays audience as Are You Being Served? has been shown again to massive appeal and delight.

The Top 10 Camp icons was a good premise for a show, until it was decided that Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and that irritaing little Irishman from Big Brother were entertainers and worthy of some kind of hero worship! Frankie was sorely missed like you quite rightly said, but also was Kenneth Williams!! If The Top 10 camp icons of all time are DIY presenters and part-time celebrities then this was one time when Changing Rooms should have built a nice closet- and locked the lot in it smiley - smiley

Thanks for the Frankie suggestions and keep close to the titters!

Your favourite Frankie Howerd

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It has got to be The Runaway Bus .A film somewhat like The Ghost Train in atmosphere .Not wildly funny but good all round performances from Magaret Rutherford ,Petula Clark,and of course Frankie as the unfortunate bus driversmiley - biggrin

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Your favourite Frankie Howerd

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