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Jimi X

It *is* a comprehensive entry. smiley - winkeye

I don't know how I feel about it. Part of me likes having the game be out there without solutions like this readily available at h2g2.

You've got good information in it. But I think you should point out that there *are* different ways to solve these puzzles.

Also a mention or a link to A526132 which is already in the Edited Guide wouldn't go amiss.

Good work.

I reckon it can go into PR...

smiley - cheers

- Jimi X


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Knifee, Thingite in charge of stuff you shouldn´t run with. Back from being away

doh! yer i knew that entry was there as well.... checked before I started writing what was here already......

and yes its a good point about there being different solutions to the puzzles.

As for the walkthrough being avalable on H2G2, I thought it was very strange that there wasn't one here. Personaly i don't much like to use them, but lots of people do....

ok well i'll find time tonight to make a few changes and try to get it updated tomorrow smiley - smiley

thx Jimi X

smiley - ales on me...


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Little Mischief

Wasn't there a 'help' function in the game originally? I don't know about the online version as I haven't had the time to try it. I remember using the helps and was glad they were there (I was very young when I played).

Perhaps it might be more useful to create a help directory that links to possible solutions instead of having it all laid out at once, that way when someone accesses it to get out of a jam they don't 'accidentally' get the solution to a puzzle they haven't arrived at yet.

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