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H2G2 Radio- 42 FM - The Community's station!

Hi there Shazz!!

This is a good friend you might be able to fish out smiley - winkeye

But for the purpose of well, anything really, shall remain anonymous, or at least known as "the h2g2Radio Team".

I have an offer for you; The h2g2 post is built on the community, for the community by the community, and is there because of the community!

H2G2Radio is a little the same; We're set for a re-launch in May, and have quite a number of staff - a damnsight more than we did before at least - But we are still understaffed - we want people to take the small jobs like cleaning, guards, receptionists.. there are only so many of us who can be technicians and engineers!

Anyway, anyone can be a host if they so desire, by booking a slot on the 6 slotted calendar schedule smiley - smiley

Anyway, Can you put in an extended advertisement in for us, as part (A) of the plan, and as part (B), would you like to be affiliated with H2G2Radio, as I feel that both entities are a big server to the community of h2g2 smiley - smiley


- - The H2G2Radio team

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H2G2 Radio- 42 FM - The Community's station!

There's been an advancement!

Can you include, as we will your h2g2 post logo and information links "current issue" "back issues" and "archives", our bumper sticker logo, which can be found here: A735301


-- The H2G2Radio Team

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Post Team

Hi there h2g2 Radio smiley - smiley

The Post would be happy to be affiliated with your excellent radio station. I will include an announcement and advert for you in the next edition - it may be a good idea to write a brief-ish article about the station at the same time to grab everyone's attention and enthusiasm.

The bumper-sticker looks good albeit rather big - am I allowed to shrink it a little for linking purposes?

Would you like a permanent link from the current edition of the Post each week? That would be easy to instigate. smiley - smiley

shazz smiley - magic

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Post Team

Actually - if anyone on your team can render it into jpeg or gif format I can probably arrange to get a couple of blobs for you - one large and one small smiley - winkeye

I'll do my best anyway. smiley - smiley

shazz smiley - magic

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H2G2 Radio- 42 FM - The Community's station!

Cool! That would really help!

Heh - I can't believe how I'm talking to you in order to mask my true online h2g2 identity - It would be really funny if you found out who I am... Heh...

"Ooh, I dunno - Why stop just when you're having fun, that's what I say.." Golga Frincham ship captain type person - THHGTTG smiley - smiley

Quoting hitchhikers is a clue, to who I am, by the way smiley - smiley

And About the jpeg/gif; Sure! I could do it myself! I have the ability to copy it exactly as shown in HTML Tables using the snapshot editor of PSPro smiley - smiley

The permanent link would be an excellent Idea - and I'm sorry I missed that entry writing, Busy, you see smiley - smiley I'll get round to that for next thursday smiley - smiley

Also "Affiliated with the h2g2 post" with link and link to article summing up the post will be added to all the radio station's pages smiley - smiley

I'll get back to you when all is done smiley - smiley

-Whoami? - that's a clue to who I am...

The clue being that I am *not* the researcher who forgot who he was and re-registered as "whoami?" - Although I am apparently Peta, Abi, You yourself, and Vegiman.. So far nobody (except Granny Weatherwax) have almost covered up who I am smiley - winkeye (or revealed, if that makes more sense smiley - winkeye)

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