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Well I don't know...

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but it seems like having pets is sort of strange in the first place.

I mean if you have a reason to keep a nonhuman creature around your house that's one thing but if all you're doing is trying to substitute that creature for your fellow human beings that seems a little sick to me.

Mostly I think people keep certain animals like dogs and cattle to eat and horses to ride and eat too once in awhile and that's ok because we all survive in this world by eating somebody or something else. But you should probably show some respect for the eatables, not to mention gratitude, as you would expect from them maybe?

Whether this can be enforced through legislation or not is sort of debatable. So I think it's maybe better if urban people don't keep animals at all unless they're going to eat them but of course that's not what they do is it? They hire other people to raise and kill the creatures they eat so they can lavish affection on cats or whatnot while people are bathing in sewage downriver from La Paz for instance.

Makes me wonder sometimes where some people get their definitions of cruelty?

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Well I don't know...

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