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smiley - peacesign
Can anyone tell me why people convicted of animal cruelty do not get an automatic lifetime ban on keeping animals?
and how are you supposed to deal with something-like if you suspect animal cruelty???
how do you decide what to do??
are you taking the rspca away from a real case?---this always worries me.


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Captain Kebab

I think if you suspect somebody is mistreating animals you should report it to the RSPCA. You are not taking them away from a real case - what you suspect may be a real case. Better to get them out on a false alarm, then to keep silent and then find out that real suffering has been carrying on.

I agree, sentences are derisory. There are regularly stories in the press about people convicted of starving and beating animals who get a few hundred quid fine and a 5-year ban. I don't understand why an adult who has been convicted of deliberately cruelty to animals should ever be allowed to keep them again.


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smiley - cool
see-what worried me was-a few years back I DID suspect someone of cruelty-and sent for the SSPCA (scottish RSPCA) and I never saw the animal after that-so I will always wonder---but it's good to hear that I did the right thing.

why anyone would want to be cruel to animals is beyond me-I can't imagine what their excuses can be.
smiley - peacedove

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