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My Project

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Demon Drawer

I do believe I have got all the content finaly there just going to do a spell check etc before I say it is finally done though. smiley - smiley


My Project

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Hi DD, I'll let the Guide Team know that you're ready. smiley - ok

My Project

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Demon Drawer

Not quite FC has just been mailed a set of all the articles to help me do a preliminary spell and grammar check at the moment. But almost there Mina. smiley - smiley

At last. smiley - winkeye

My Project

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smiley - ok I've emailed them anyway, so they if they don't come back to you by the time you are ready, let me know. smiley - biggrin

Uni: Great Royal Women From History - Completed

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A393680 – Project Page

Edited Entries:
A400410 - Empress Matilda
A622595 - Eleanor of Aquitaine
A398117 - Marie de Guise
A622919 - Marie de Medici
A393851 - Margaret of York
A396029 - Elizabeth of York
A394391 - Queen Anne
A393879 - Victoria's Children and their Marriages
A404038 - Mary of Teck
A393842 - Joanna the Maid of Castille


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