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Project: Wildlife Gardening

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I'm not really here

h2h2 name: Mina
Researcher number: U94986
Project Page number: A592391
Project Title: Wildlife Gardening (although not sure about that yet)
I'd like to write about how to build a garden to attract wildlife
This would specifically include:
Woodland Habitat
Water Habitat
Wildflower Meadow
Mammals and Birds
Start date: 16th July 2001
Finish date: 27th August 2001

Project: Wildlife Gardening

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Hi Mina,

I've added your project to the list and I'll be updating the 'current projects' pages very soon, so you might be able to attract feedback and help from anyone else who's interested in contributing.

Couldn't wait to get going on another one, eh? Hope it'll be as good as your Paris entry, which frankly rocked! smiley - smiley

smiley - cheers

Project: Wildlife Gardening

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I'm not really here

Thanks very much Chris! I'll be sure to tell my other half that, as he wrote a couple of the entries.

And no, I couldn't wait, projects are much more fun! I even started this one knowing I will be away for at least 10 days, that's why there are less entries on this one.

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Project: Wildlife Gardening -

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Researcher: U290 – Mina

Project Page: A592391 Wildlife Gardening - Getting Started

Edited Entries:
A595497 - Introduction
A618987 - Mammals and Birds
A614431 - Woodland Habitat
A627879 - Insects, Amphibians and Reptiles
A617564 - Wildflower Meadow
A616312 - Water Habitat
A2876862 - Natural Slug Control
A4610486 - Natural Weed Control
A1013356 - The Winter Border

See also: F87272?thread=129071


Project: Wildlife Gardening - Complete

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smiley - biggrin


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