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Project - Football World Cup

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Eusebio - squad number 11

Hi, I hope I've set out my project ambissions properly and gone about this in the correct way!
My projext aims to give the facts figures and general useless trivia about the world's greatest single sporting event - the football world cup.
I aim to cover each of the tournaments and also include some of the stars e.g. Pele, Maradona, Cruyff etc ...

the outline is here

Everything is 'under construction' at the moment, but I should have 1930 and 1934 sorted by the middle of the week!

Project - Football World Cup

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Eusebio - squad number 11

oops! the project is at

smiley - ok

Project - Football World Cup

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A really great idea for a project Mickey! Absolutely spot on. Yes, definitely got the go ahead, I'll add you to the list. You'll get an email from me very shortly. smiley - smiley

Thanks. smiley - smiley Peta

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Project: Football World Cup - Complete

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Researcher:- U162376 - Eusebio
Project Page: A562060 – Football World Cup

Edited Entries:
A565148 - The World Cup: An Introduction
A561791 - 1930: Uruguay
A561809 - 1934: Italy
A561818 - 1938: France
A561845 - 1950: Brazil
A561854 - 1954: Switzerland
A561926 - 1958: Sweden
A561935 - 1962: Chile
A561944 - 1966: England
A561953 - 1970: Mexico
A561971 - 1974: West Germany
A561980 - 1978: Argentina
A561999 - 1982: Spain
A562015 - 1986: Mexico
A562024 - 1990: Italy
A562033 - 1994: USA
A562042 - 1998: France
A793640 - 2002: Japan and South Korea


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