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G'day Feisor

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Moving On

Thank you for your welcome note. I am havin great fun beetling around this site and meeting allsorts of amazing people. I have no problem in screeching loudly for help - if someone else had already chosen the nickname I have I'd've probably plumped for GobAlmighty. The problem is usually to get me to shut up and liten occaisionally. smiley - smiley

G'day Feisor

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Great to hear from you smiley - biggrin

As far as your nickname is concerned, it's eminently changeable - you'll notice "tags" (they're the "bits" after the name) changing from day to day smiley - laugh Most people keep their name - but there's no obligation to do so - I really like the name you've chosen BTW smiley - smiley

and yelling for help is DEFINITELY encouraged so don't be backward in coming forward - that's what we are here for .....

in the meantime have some smiley - bubbly and smiley - strawberrys on me

smiley - cheers

G'day Feisor

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Moving On

OK, I'm yelling now.. BTW? By the Way? Translations on a message please! smiley - biggrin Thankyou for the & smiley - strawberries much appreciated, especially as I welded the rhubarb to the bottom of the saucepan getting so involved with my PC and all the stuff I keep finding. It's obviously made my nose go deaf, cos I didn't small a thing. Kevin 1 came in with the remains of the "cooking" and gravely informed me the "When attention stops, fires start, mum"
He's quite right, but I do mis like smug teenagers....
'Bye PS How did you do your icons?

G'day Feisor

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Yes - BTW = By the way smiley - smiley

You might find this link useful - it's a page for net newbies


Have fun!!

By "icons" do you mean the smileys? If so just click on one and it will take you to the h2g2 smiley page. You can copy and paste them to a Word doc and use it for reference - that's what I did originally - though in those days there were a lot fewer smileys smiley - biggrin
You can even print them up and keep them by you as a reference.

the champagne is > - | (without the spaces)
strawberry is < strawberry > (without the spaces)

Keep asking - it's the only way to find out smiley - laugh

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