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Celtic Devon and its Language

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Ozzie Exile


Yes - it is good to see both this and the Devon Flag threads survive the demise of 'Sense of Place'.

I don't know a figure for Brythonic words in Devon dialect but I am sure it is many hundred.

Having said that I will ask around and see if anyone has a more exact figure.

I am not sure if you noticed, but there is a website being established to 'promote' Devon's Celtic languages etc...


It doesn't address dialect as such (but perhaps it will in time), but there is a good source for that on the BBC Devon site (ow be knackin' vore!')


Cheers smiley - cheers

Celtic Devon and its Language

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Ozzie Exile

Einion (and anybody else interested),

By the way there is also a ninemsn discussion forum called 'Celtic Origins' which has a devonian topics section.


The discussion forum (which covers other Celtic areas as well such as Cornwall, Brittany, wales etc...) is mostly made up of ex-pats now residing in the North American continent.

However if you want to join and help promote Devon (as a couple of us already are) the more the merrier!

smiley - smiley

Celtic Devon and its Language

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Ozzie Exile,

I did notice An Ger Dewnansek a few weeks ago, after you posted a link. Its construction has advanced quite a way since then and I think it should be an interesting site when fully running.

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Celtic Devon and its Language

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