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My mother was a Scorp, and too many of my boyfriends for me to admit without admitting that my "learnt this lesson now" brainbox has been dismally out of order for far too long!
The other boyfs that were'nt scrops always had a strong scorp presence in their chart - moon or Merc in Scorp . . .so I guess there's no use trying to avoid it.

The great divide in my experience is motivation. I never "get" what drives them. For me its peace, harmony and balance - the "us"-factor maybe. A scorp always has an inecplicable adgenda that I just cant grasp!

The passionate deep stuff is all there though, but sometimes us Librans get caught in all the murk of their mysterious ways. No more scorps for this girl if I can ever avoid it!

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sigh.at least there are more librans here and share the most common symptoms.
I was born at septembre 24th, first day of libra and do have a scorpion in the moon.(?)
I guess I am too lazy and do love harmony in a relationship as well. moreover I think the worst trait of being a libra(in combination with scorpio) is to have to oppose the other side of the coin(just for the balance...),I know, it sounds stupid, but often I do this even if I donĀ“t really mean it.anyone out there who can understand this?smiley - wah


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Lizard King --- I can do anything!

I am the *ultimate* libra, all but 1 planets in libra!!! (well ok, pen-ultimate then smiley - winkeye)
I am also the most rational person I know...

One of the earlier posts (sorry forgot who by!) sums it up very accurately:

"The best part of being Libran is the ability to see both sides of any given situation. The worst part is the ability to see both sides of any given situation."

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

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7 planets in Libra here - so I half-way get that! smiley - smiley People find me - distant, unemotional. I just find me ultimately rational and objective smiley - smiley

This all balances with a moon in Leo so there's something to meet all the balancing scales. smiley - smiley

Strange thing is my leo moon is cusp cancer - so I know what it is to have your largest challenge be a battle within yourself - I sympathise if the battle is with a scorpio self.

Keep passing open windows

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