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Demons are a little understood type of being that are thought to influence the lives and activities of human beings on Earth. Perhaps also known as devils, though noone can be sure, they are thought of as non-corporeal, supernatural entities, which is to say that they do not have bodies and that they exist in a form other than natural. Little can be said with certainty regarding demons or even whether or not they exist. This situation is made even more difficult because phenomena thought be one observer to result from a demon might be considered by another to arise from some other cause.

For instance, there is a popular evangelist in America who often features demons on his radio talk show as guests. Some people do not believe that the gruff voices actually come from demons.

Demons are an explanation for the unaccepted activities of human beings. Unacceptable activities are characterized as "evil" and demons are said to condone and encourage evil. Also, in the case of "crazy demons" (see other entry) demons can cause failure and inconvenience to the otherwise more predictable course of human affairs.

Demons are sometimes characterized as human beings with animalistic characteristics. It would be interesting to see if animal societies have any concept of demons or to see what demons think about humans.

If anyone knows a demon they should reply to explain it further. If any demons view this, they should post to correct any misconceptions.

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