The Unhappy Fairy Part 9

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Cassy was being dressed for a grand ball that was to be her welcome party. The old
servant was helping her get ready. The room had nothing that was familiar the castle may
of had a fire burning in every room but the air was chilled. A thought came to Cassy
where is Jack! What happened to him! Is he okay! How could I forget about him!
"Jack!" Yelled Cassy panicked
"Who"asked the servant.
"I can't love Gaven he isn't who I love."
"Dear you didn't meet Gaven"
"That was someone else. I was Gaven's Mother's Midwife. I remember when I helped thatbaby out he had the most beautiful green eyes. Now his eyes are black!"
Cassy was confused she too felt something was wrong with Gaven yet she also felt that this old woman was insane. Her heart was restless. She was a caged bird there in that

An evil laugh filled the sound of the dark, dank room. The room was made of stone and
was a circle. In the center there was a man with shackles on is wrists, ankles, and neck. He
was dehydrated, starved, and beaten. The only thing this man kept was his green eyes.
Two men in robes circled the broken man.
"It is time for you to prove yourself to me apprentice."
"yes master"
"Kill Him!"
the apprentice nobs he pulls out his sword...
"WAIT!"cried the broken man, "I am Gaven a Noble of the fairy court. My life, my majik, my love, has been stolen from me. I want one thing before I die!"
"just kill Him! Now Apprentice!"
"NO!"cries Gaven and the apprentice waits. "I want to see the face of my killer."
"Fine!"says the master. "I don't think you will like what you see."
He pulls of the fabric covering his face and his face is the duplicate of gavens. Then the
apprentice pulls off his cover.
"no...It can't b... "
jack stabs Gaven before he could finish. His eyes were glazed and he wasn't even fazed by what he did.
The Master evilly laughs next Cassy...

The ball had begun by Cassy walking in. Her thumbs were twiddling and she was biting
her lip. all she could think about was who was the person that pretended to be gaven?
Gaven walked in dressed nicely and was quite handsom from the distance but still made
Cassy's hair stand on edge. He came closer and closer until he asked to dance. She of course agreed.
"my lady why are you so tense.
"I'm just nervous."she looked down.
"what else is the matter?"
"there is a friend whom I was separated from and I don't know where he s or if he's ok"
"I'm sure he's fine"he looked at her. "but that isn't enough now is it"
she shook her head.
"Come let us away"

They came to a room of silver. It felt as if they were inside a never ending mirror. Cassybecame disoriented and dizzy, but Gaven was unaffected.
"where are we?" cassy asked puzzled.
"this room is used to enhance majik and I used it to find you"
"Well all it seems to do to me is make me want to throw-up"
he laughed but Cassy just frowned.
"Here think of Jack and use..."
"Wait what did you say?"
"Think of your friend jack... "
"I never told you his name."
"of course you did"
Cassy tried to flee to the door but found it disappeared. She turned around and looked atthe figure.
"Who ARE you!"
"I'm Gaven. Who else. now I will help you find your friend and bring him here. Think of Him"
"This is a trick!"
"No trick"
she nodded her head and thought of Jack in an instant Jack was there in front of her.
She went to hug him and realized he was different. Cold and memorized.
"what did you do to him!"
"Kill her!"
Cassy backed away.
"No jack don't"he threw an energy ball at her luckily she dodged it. "He's brain washed you"another one thrown and missed "Jack it's me. Cassy...Remember.... "He kept
throwing energy balls.
Jack started to throw fire balls at her. The balls were coming straight at her and she thought she was a goner. But they didn't hit. The majik within her formed a shield. Her whole being turned into light. She ran towards Jack realizing he wasn't Jack anymore. He
drew his sword. Cassy called for a sword of light and she fought. Back and forth and backand forth. Finally Jack and a clear shot and stabbed her! her eyes filled with tears as did
his. Jack fell out of the trance! All Jack saw was his love fighting for her life fromsomething he had done. His gaze fell upon the master.
Jack plunged toward the figure who ruined him. He screamed. Without thought theyfought. The silver room glowed. It circled around the men. The master didn't seem it gettired he was slicing Jack into shreds and throwing Magic at him left and right.
What they didn't notice was that a blue sparkling light surrounded Cassy. She was being
healed. She looked up and saw Jack pass out. The master was about to kill him when cassy throw all that she could at him. The Master Came out of the form of Gaven you could see his baked skin and the scared on his face and how hideous he was. His body
shriveled up. And the room turn back into a normal room and cassy ran to Jack's side.

Cassy didn't know what to do from there. She had traveled to the top of the mountain and found out that she did indeed have Magic. Not the kind normal fairies had but one that ran deeper. It wasn't a tool she knew how to use it was a part of herself that she found. Shewaved goodbye to the Fairies of the castle and looked at Jack
"So I see you are still following me."
"I just want to make sure your safe"
"I don't need Protecting. I have Majik now"
"But your short and you can't fly"
"Well I guess You'll have to fly and I'll protect you"
"I don't think so"
"I do"
Jack pulls her close and kisses her.
"how about I follow you because I want to be with you"
They kiss again

As she kissed him she thought of how when she ran away she thought she was a nobody that couldn't do magic and couldn't fly. Now she could do unbelievable majik and just might share her voice with Jack. Maybe just maybe every nobody has a chance they just got to take it.

There would be many other journeys for these two. They still had to deal with the spirit
who wanted to kill them in the first place...

The Spirit says "I'll get you Princess if is the last thing I do" He Laughs


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