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Tradition in Gardnerian Wicca

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This is a really interesting article. I'd disagree with the assertion that arguing that GBG created Wicca, or that it's not an old religion, is "slagging off" GBG. Like you, I believe that ultimately it is not the historical basis of a religion that validates it but how well it works as a system of belief and practise. I also firmly believe that GBG was responsible for Wicca, and that it did not exist before him; I believe it to be a wonderful synthesis of a variety of influences, from traditional practises to occult philosophy to Graeco-Roman mythology to Margaret Murray.

I do now appreciate the preservation of a Tradition's history even as it changes. It is important to be able to explain how things got to be as they are. A friend of mine almost obsessively collects information about our Tradition and squirrels it away for reference; I have found this to be extremely helpful in defining my own practises.

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Tradition in Gardnerian Wicca

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