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hello it's me again

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

i like the sound of the second film, the stephen fry one. i might get round to seeing that......when it comes on telly

are their any spoilers around for MIB II? because I thought they got rid of Tommy's character at the end of the first film by flashy thingying him and J ran off woth the coroner. maybe i misunderstood

are there any recent british made Jack the Ripper films? an all british cast would surely be more firghtening because they would have the requisit scary guybadteeth (see alan rickman in die hard and every other film he's ever been in.....)

nice reviews this week.....i could understand them smiley - ale


hello it's me again

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(I'll try and take that as a compliment...)

Not sure if it's a spoiler or not but Tommy Lee Jones comes back for MiB2. The reason it's been five years in the making is that he wanted a squizillion bucks to do it and negotiations were lengthy. The only plot point I feel able to disclose is that the climax *was* going to concern an attempt to destroy the World Trade Centre... which has had to be changed, for obvious reasons.

No, the only British Ripper 'movie' since the late 70s was a TV series with Michael Caine. Although I understand another one is in the pipeline, but the rumours on this sound terrible to me: the first victim is played by the pouting plank herself, Kelly Brook, whose 'performance' (yeah, right!) so impressed the producers they brought her back as a ghost... Dearie me...

hello it's me again

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Just to add that we got the trailer for MiB 2 before Ocean's 11 yesterday. Looked pretty good, too: not far off what I expected.

hello it's me again

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

who's kelly?

so is that coroner woman in MiB 2 of does she mysteriously vanish and is never heard of again in between the two films?


hello it's me again

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Sadly, no sign of Linda Fiorentino in the trailer so it looks like she's slipped from the MiB lifeboat. Hardly surprising given the way she was so underused in the first movie.

Kelly Brook, oh, she's a model, spends a lot of time sprawled on beaches getting sand in uncomfortable places (I shouldn't wonder). Used to present the Big Breakfast till she got sacked for being a halfwit. (She's also in that Superman programme on Channel 4.)

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hello it's me again

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