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Very good. I can see this striking a chord with many people and also angering many people.

You've tickled my funny bone with a well described entry.

Well done.


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skank monkey (upbeats only. shouting by special request) [night-who-ver?]isn't it annoying when somebody's name is longer than t

My commendations, M. deRooftrouser.
A superb rant in the old style, and every word of it true. I would quote Bill Hicks on the subject of boy bands but i doubt such filth would get printed. Let's just say i absolutely cannot stand the engineered soulless pap that passes for mainstream pop nowadays, it all sounds the same.

Good lord. Just re-read that last sentence - I'm an old man! Knackers.

If nobody else picks up on the "Pop Loser" idea, i'll be in touch once i've won the lottery.smiley - biggrin

And just to try and stir up some response - Geri Haliwell couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

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