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A sombre truth

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Thanks for sharing that, NBY. Smiley type stuff doesn't seem appropriate, but please believe that I found this sincerely moving, written as it is in relatively unemotive language and yet evoking a painful and real source of human unhappiness that is no doubt far from rare in many areas of the world.

I haven't suffered from this kind of thing, and I have been lucky enough not to encounter many cases of it directly in my life. But then, you never *really* know, do you? Nor do I really *know* about the facts and details of the problem. I do know that men and women are capable of hurting each other, in many ways, and that this must be a terrible life to be subjected to.

I hope this piece might be read and appreciated by all kinds of people; those who are fortunate enough not to be involved or have friends of family who are involved; of course, if it could bring some hope to a single victim; and even perhaps help a 'beater' at least to become more conscious of the misery they inflict. I feel that *anyone* could benefit from simply reading and reflecting for a moment.

Thanks, again, for sharing, NBY.

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A sombre truth

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