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nice one

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good review Awix. so true of so many films

an ex-bloke of a friend of mine made a film once which involved an actor driving up in a car.


said actor couldnt drive,

nor could the rest of the team,

so the car had to be pushed down a slight hill brakes applied at the appropriate moment, one take only cos the car was really heavy so the camera man had to run after the car so it could keep the actor in shot, and the sound had to be dubbed on afterwards cos opbviously the engin wasnt running.

bit of a disaster really, dont think that one got finished.


nice one

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They never do things the easy way in movies... no indeed...

The example that always makes me laugh is in the first Terminator, where Arnie's supposed to be hanging onto the bonnet of a reversing car and punches his fist through the windscreen.

Now they had to use a special 'stunt' arm to do the punching, powered by hydraulics and weighing about 300 lbs. So the car couldn't actualy be reversing when they fired it off. No problem: they painted brickwork onto the side of a truck and drove it forward past the car to give the impression the car was going backwards.

Having said all that it's a really neat shot and none of the behind the scenes jiggery pokery shows at all.

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