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Nice thinking, well written but I was wondering about Earth being the only planet in the Solar System that can hold life.

Watch out for Europa, one of Jupiter's numerous satellites. Scientists believe that this 'moon' may contain life below it's surface. Wouldn't it be cool? Of course, it's just speculation for the time being but you never know.
link: http://www.resa.net/nasa/europa_life.htm

And then there's Mars. Maybe there are bacteria living right now at the red planet.


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Well - that's a good point - and I for one would LOVE to see life discovered on Europa and Mars (and maybe even Titan and Venus!)

But - I suppose I was trying to say we are the only sentient life in the solar system capable of looking up, seeing an eclipse and thinking "bloody 'ell! - wonder why that's happening?!"


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Another curious thing (at this time in earth's history) is the relationship of the the Plough, a constellation any child could find, to the faint North Star. An obvious heavenly signpost?


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Hmmm.. another curious "co-incidence"! Anyone else know of any other concepts that would fit into this category?

And to name the category, I suppose it is "stuff left as signposts to make us look up and wonder..."

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