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Entry: Test for...weirdness? - A681022
Author: Go-Go Gal - U162859

The red hammer ruse--I believe that the addition exercizes preceding the command, "Choose a colour and a tool," are a ruse. It is likely that without these exercizes, most people would answer, "A red hammer" in response to the command.

A681022 - Test for...weirdness?

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Dr Hell


Not really edited guide stuff in my opinion.

Nice 'joke' though.


A681022 - Test for...weirdness?

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Ugi - Keeper of typos & spelling errers - MAT (see A575912)

smiley - cool but unlikely to make the guide I would have thought.

Unless you actually made this up then it's probably someone else's copyright (even if they don't know or care that it is) and so inelegible.

None the less interesting, although I got "blue hammer", which makes me a bit weird!


A681022 - Test for...weirdness?

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Gnomon - time to move on

I think the 98% in this is like the 98% of statistics that are made up. When this test was carried out in Ask h2g2, there was a large number which came up with Red Hammer, but Blue and Purple were also popular colours and spanner/wrench was a popular tool. So either h2g2 people are all weird or the 98% is made up.

I don't think this is destined for the edited guide.

A681022 - Test for...weirdness?

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

I got a pink saw.smiley - weird

I have to agree with Gnomon. Edited guide material it doesn't seem to be.

smiley - fishsmiley - musicalnote

A681022 - Test for...weirdness?

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Go-Go Girl

Hello....just got back from holiday and saw this had been submitted. I wish to state that this was never intended to be edited guide material, just a bit of fun, so I am going to remove it from Peer Review.

Go-Go smiley - smiley

A681022 - Test for...weirdness?

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Ugi - Keeper of typos & spelling errers - MAT (see A575912)

Hi Go-Go!

Sorry, I hadn't spotted that it wasn't you who posted this entry originally. People seem to agree that it's fun but not really PR material.

It would have been better for whoever posted it to PR to check with you first I guess, but no harm done.

smiley - cheers


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