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Les Chiens Rouges - or the Red Dogs - is an elite unit of the Anti-Cat Federation who have pledged themselves to a sacred mission - that of relentlessly pursuing Sgt Mushroom until she presses the big button and succumbs to the Curiositizer.

Les Chiens Rouges Emblem - A skull signifying a mission to the end, crossed knives signifying determination and two button mushrooms signifying the target and the objective

This mission is to be completed by the end of the year 2002.

Who is in Les Chiens Rouges

Joining Les Chiens Rouges grants an honourary rank of Legionnaire regardless of other functions in the Anti-Cat Federation.

Les Chiens Rouge LegionairesLegionnaire Alberta ColeridgeLegionnaire ApolloLegionnaire Big Bad WerewolfLegionnaire KIDLegionnaire I'm still thinkingLegionnaire LurcherLegionnaire RamblingLegionnaire Red DogLegionnaire RedFishLegionnaire Uncle Heavy

How do Legionnaires Distinguish Themselves

  • Legionnaires are dogged in their pursuit of Sgt Mushroom - the raison d`etre for Les Chiens Rouges. Les Chiens Rouges Legionnaires never, NEVER give up .... even though it might be well past bedtime and they have to get up early in the morning.
  • Legionaires look after each other.
  • The press-the-button mission becomes a sacred duty to all Legionnaires and they will pursue it relentlessly to the end and at all costs.
  • Legionnaires respect their foes (even though they might be a Cat).
  • Legionnaires are entitled to wear Red flashes on their ACF uniforms.
  • Tougher Legionnaires all have tatoo's on their arms saying `Mushroom or Death`.
  • Legionnaires are entitled to place the following badge on their uspace.

I'm a Legionnaire in Les Chiens Rouges and proud of it

The badge code may be obtained by going here.

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