The Freddie Mercury Solo collection

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The Freddie Mercury Solo Collection

Just to begin with, this is the Ten CD, Two DVD version of the solo collection, that
comes in a very nice large hardback book, the other more popular version is the 3 CD
set with selected tracks form this version (which is also a whole lot cheaper).

When I first heard about this collection I was overjoyed, I’ve been a Queen fan for
several years, in fact, and sadly, just after Freddie Mercury died. Its interesting to note
that I haven’t met a person who hasn’t liked their music, which is probably why
Queen are so successful. I have to say that anytime I hear their music I fall in love
with it all over again, there is a certain something about it, that makes you feel so
good inside (well it does me anyway).

So as the natural progression goes, I started to buy their solo stuff as well, not that
there is that much of it about; unlike some bands, the members of Queen grew to
respect each other, and they all had an equal footing within the group, they all wrote,
played and sang (John Deacon though, only ever backing), and each has written a
major hit.

As for Freddie, most of his solo work was done in the mid eighties to the early
nineties. As it was Freddie was forced to stop touring with Queen due to illness, and
so used the time to do some solo stuff while he could, he also worked on Queen
albums, and sadly he died on the 24th November 1991.

Freddie has a fantastic voice and is a fantastic singer, his on stage presents is
awesome, he was a prolific song writer and great musician. If there was anybody I’d
would want to be, it’d probably be him.

This collection costs around £125.00, which disappointed me a lot because I’d never
get it, but I allowed my wife to persuade me to let her get it for me, for Christmas, we
ordered it over the Internet, otherwise I think you have to ask the shop if they could
get it for you, or make do with the cheaper 3 CD version.

The Freddie Mercury Solo Collection

This Consists of,

Freddie’s three solo albums,

Mr Bad Guy

The Great Pretender


Two Singles Collections

1973 - 1985

1986 - 1993

The Instrumentals

Three Rarities CD’s

The David Wigg Interviews CD

The DVD’s are,

The Video Collection

The Untold Story

And it all comes in a very nice hard back book.

The CD’s

The solo albums are brilliant in themselves, lets face it you all must of heard ‘Living
On My Own’ and ‘Barcelona’, two great examples of his solo work. Although I say
three solo albums, ones solo, ones with Monserrat Caballe, and the thirds a ‘best of’
(the American version, the British being The Freddie Mercury Album). So there’s not
a lot, the best of has some tracks that aren’t on the other albums, which is why its
here, some of his songs also turned up on a Queen album, reworked, which together
utilised the last work that Queen were working on (Made In Heaven).

The Singles Collections, are nice too, they mostly consist of Extended, Single and
Re-mix versions of his singles, as well as none album B-sides, the nicest part is the
fact that his first single from 1973 is included, ‘I Can Hear Music’ by Larry Lurex.

The Rarities are probably the best part of the collection, much like the Beatles
anthologies and such that come out now, these three CD’s contain a lot of tracks that
you can only get in this package, including early takes, demo’s, re-mixes, alternative
versions, tracks that never made it, music that he did with other people, and one of the
best pieces (but not sounding that good), is a live performance of when he was in a
band called Ibex , singing ‘Rain’ by the Beatles. So there is plenty of stuff that you
want to listen to - to see how the songs developed, hear the early demo’s and to hear
‘new’ songs, being the ones that were never finished or released.

The Instrumentals are mostly instrumental versions from the Barcelona album,
although there are a couple of instrumentals of other songs.

The Interviews are ones with David Wigg stretching from 1979 to 1987. Not great in
themselves, but still.

The DVD’s

The Video Collection, the videos are ones from his singles, eleven altogether, again
its nice to see. To have them is nice, on DVD is great.

The Untold Story is a documentary, it has been shown on TV, but this version is
almost twice as long and its very informative. It tells of Freddie’s life from his early
years in Zanzibar, to his later years in England, one thing is that it almost completely
leaves out Queen, but if I wanted to know about Queen, I’d watch a Queen
documentary. This is however, very interesting and told me things I never knew. Also
on this DVD is the Freddie Mercury Photographic Exhibition, which you can view on
you PC (if you have a DVD ROM drive)

The Book

The 120 page hard back book comes in a slip case, and the CD’s/DVD’s are inside
the covers. The book itself gives you all the information of the music on the
CD’s/DVD’s, which is great (details I love). There is a piece of writing about Freddie
and the rest of the book is made up of lots of very nice photo’s, taken at various time
of Freddie’s life.

Having this Collection is great, it looks great and its a really nice thing to own, as any
boxed set of something you like is, this though, is exceptional, its been put together
very lovingly and is really worth the price, unlike some quickly thrown together sets.

Quibbles?, well having the CD’s and DVD’s in the book and not having a case for
themselves, meaning to listen to them you have to get them out of the book first and
have to look in the book for the track listing as well, is a little troublesome, and the
fact that I have two of the albums anyway.................... but really, I love it.

Being a Queen completist, I’m now a Freddie Mercury completist, because this seems
to have all his work apart from Queen on it, so if you really like Queen you’ve got to
get this, its fantastic.

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