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discworld mud

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cannot find this site.....

discworld mud

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Just type Discworld MUD into the search engine, you'll get there eventualy : )
(Qoa D'Justice is my MUDing name by the way)

discworld mud

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Mr Abbadon De Zatapathique, Mr Krusty D'Jusice and Hopefulyl going to be a creator soon Pthag D'Flibble at your service.


discworld mud

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Bubbles the Wandering Thingite Theoretical Mind (I am Heaven.)

All Hail Achilles, who was really a secondary character until Diomedes killed too many KLK preists and was deleted. Fun though. This thing truly is addicting, as most players will attest, but always remember--there is, somewhere, a real world. The question is, which one is actually real?

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