The Letter Thorn (Þ)

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Þ is a wonderful and underappreciated letter, or so I Þink. It was once used for what is now represented by "th", but dropped out of use for no good reason sometime around Þe late 14Þ century. Þis is a shame, because one letter is much more efficient than two. Well, maybe I am blowing Þis out of proportion, but I consider it important. If you want to join a movement, now is your chance! Whenever you would write "th", simply put in a Þ and feel good about yourself. Otherwise, Þere is also Þe letter ð, which also meant "th". Þe usual pattern when boð were used was to use Þ when it occurred at the beginning of a word, and ð in the middle or end. Oðerwise, Þey could be used interchangeably.

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