The unhappy fairy Part 7

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( to all my readers I thank you for going through all these parts. I don't really have time to do it all at once. Again thanks.)

Cassy is standing in the brightly lit room swaying back and forth nervously. She then walked toward the walls. She looked all over and there was no way out of the prison.
" How will I ever get out of here!"
"Why would you ever want to my lovly fairy"
Cassy jumped 2 feet in the air and turned to see Cabar smilling evilly.
" Where were you all this time. It has been over 4 hours."
" I was talking to a friend and seeing if he could find out if he could find out anything on your friend, Jack."
Cassy walks backwards frightened
" I never said anything about Jack."
" of course you did."
" No I didn't now take me back to the forest!"
Cabar walks toward her, but she walks away.
" Now My princess don't be rash. Lets have something to eat or DRINK."
A glass appears in his hand. A red liquid with bubbles appears in the glass. He pushes it toward her and Cassy thought it looked like blood.
" Drink...It'll be nice to have something to DRINK..."
" why do you want me to?"
" You look thirsty."
" I'm not!"
" of course you are. Now DRINK!"
he puts the glas in her hand. She tries to drop it but she can't.
Cassy put the glass to her mouth...

Jack found himself in a swampy land and he was covered with bugs, moss, and swamp water.
" YUUUUUUUUUUK!" he screeched
" I thought I was suppose to trust you!"
" you are but I needed something to be done before I could take you to my home!" said the voice
" but I want to find Cassy! Where is she!"
There was no reply
Again Jack disappeared

"Apprentice you have failed me!"
" I am sorry master it won't happen again"
" You're right it won't!"
" please sir...."
" I have a new apprentice"
Jack walks in dressed very nicly.
"No Master!"
"Goodbye Boy!"
Cabar burns and there was nothing left but smoke and dust.

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