Scott Bennett's Diary: Entry 10 'Why I No Write'

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I haven't added an entry to my diary for weeks and that is because my life has been pretty boring. I have continued my endless and depressing search for a job and frittered away the days going for runs and watching Bargain Hunt on TV. I have even applied to become a contestant on the show.

I have had some respites though. I went to Lancaster a couple of weeks back and saw Keefy B's new car. Keefy B is a man who loves cars but has never really had a care worth his love. He has just got his first GTI though, with alloys and and big spoiler, so he's pretty much totally enraptured. He took us bombing around Lancashire at ludicrous speed.

By the way, I just got back from seeing the new Kevin Smith film which was, surprisingly, good.

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