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Essentially, I just want to break up the first big box up into different sections, so it looks like this:

H2G2 Post

Will The Rambling Misfits Play?
Is Real Life Following H2G2 Fiction?
Is Waiting Ever Ace?
Hitchhiker's Guide To Doughnuts
People Should Wear More Hats

H2G2 Meet-Ups

When's The Next Meet-Up?
Reading Thursday Meet-Up
Southampton's Hampshire Meet-Up
Douglas Adams Quiz I: Questions
Douglas Adams Quiz II: Answers

The Isle Of Wight
Wight Christmas
Shroven On The Isle Of Wight
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Island
Summer Solent Sailing
Summer Solent Sailing: Sequel
Strictly Serious Sailing

Serious Articles
The Proms In The Park
A Tribute To Harry Secombe
A Tribute To George Harrison

and add the rest here!smiley - smiley


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Post Team

Why don't you just email us like everyone else does Bluebottle? smiley - laughsmiley - winkeye

shazz smiley - thepost

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Because my e-mail address doesn't work anymore, and this is easier smiley - tongueout


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