The Unhappy Fairy Part 6

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It was Dark cold and damp. Cassy Didn't Know where she was and wished that Jack was there. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She didn't know what Cabars's motives were and she didn't even know what he was or where he took her.
" How do you like it here, Cassy"
" Where are we?"
" My Home"
Cabar circled Cassy making her feel uneasy.
" I have to get to the mountain."
" No you don't dear dear powerless fairy"
" How would you know"
" I can see the future"
puzzled "What?"
"one Of my powers. In one of my visions I saw a fairy by the name of Jack Kill you!"
" What!"
" That's your favorite word isn't it?"
" Your lying! Jack would Never hurt me."
" No I would never hurt you. He want your pow... he only wants on thing from you."
" Your lying"
" How can you be so sure PRINCESS?"
"Why did you call me that?"
" Because you are"
" No No...How...It can't..."
" tell me who are your parents?...Or where you came from... or how you really Lost your Wings?"
" My parents died from a bees venum and I come from the fairy village and a mouse ate my wings there!"
Cabar waves his finger at cassy.
" NO No No! You were orphaned, your kingdom was attacked and your parents died,,your wings were torn off by the enemy and you were sent to the fairy village."
" I don't remember I don't."
" I can Help you If you let me."
" Are you telling the truth?"
Cassy's eyes grew big
and Cabar held Cassy in his arms.
"I would never Lie to you. I love you. I will never let any harm come to you."
He leans into her face and gently kisses her.
He lets go
" I have to go but stay here."
" Wait it's scary here"
" oh" He snaps his fingers and the room is a palace room and Cabar is gone.

The shadows gather
The master says calmly " Does she believe you?"
" of Coarse she does. Did you ever doubt me." said the apprentice.
" Don't get Cocky"
" Where is Jack"
" He is where he should be. He is learning the right way to act."
Cabar laughs evilly
" You have learned wel apprentice."

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