A Conversation for A Tribute To George Harrison

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"The biggest break of my life was getting into the Beatles. The second biggest break since then is getting is getting out of them."

George and the Beatles in a nutshell...

Shazz and I are going to DJ tonight...guess which records we'll bring with us?

A fine article.


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7rob7: Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

Be sure to take along 'Wonderwall Music' - I've listened to it since '68 (not, however, continuously), and it is still probably my most favorite album of all time.

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A great bit on George that you've written. If it hasn't been "officially" entered into the Guide, it should be. There's a big gap on this site where George is concerned.

Still listening to "All Things Must Pass" and remembering him as the brilliant and wonderful person and artist that he was....

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Post Team

I think that BB intends to submit it for approval in Peer Review shortly Amanda smiley - smiley

shazz smiley - magic

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7rob7: Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)


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Yes, I intend to put it into the Peer Review as soon as next-week's post comes out, as I feel that they'll probably wantr me to change the links at the end. I hope to be able to change the article slightly to make it more in style for the Peer Review system (embedding teh picture to the right and not centre, temporarily remove some of the unapproved links and replace the table with a subheadered list) for the week or two it'll take to go through the peer review system, and then change it back to a Post article immediately after - align the picture to centre again, and copy/paste back the table & unapproved links. Easy.

Although I'm tempted to wait until I know more information about the rumoured new album, and whether the single is going to be re-released.


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