Why Must Some Teachers Assign Such Boring Homework?

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Math Homework

Math. A very useful skill, and it can be fun. However, why not keep the arithmetic inside the classroom, not at home? If we must have homework, lay it on, but at least make it INTERESTING! '87*46=?' is not what I need to learn most at this time. Factorization is another matter. But inequalities and arithmetic - well, to put it bluntly, they don't need that much practice. Another annoying quirk in some math teachers is the ban on calculators. As long as they can't do your algebra homework, what's the big deal? We all learned our arithmetic in first grade, teacher.

English Homework

Hmmm... Here I don't have much of a personal grievance. Wait a second! Do any of you remember D.O.L.? Daily Oral Language was my least favorite part of my elementary school English lessons. The teacher would write some fractured sentence on the board, and have us correct it. They were usually somewhat like this:
'i is, walked doun thuh stret Today me is now,!'
This 'essential' part of my English curriculum lasted for years. Although D.O.L. was not usually in the form of homework, every once in a while the teacher would hand out these mutated particles of the English languages as we filed by the door to leave. Some repetition may not do any harm, but these were a part of my day for such a long time . . . This is far behind me, however. I have not had a D.O.L. assignment in years, and hope never to have one again.

Physical Education

If any of you have ever recieved an assignment like 'The History of Golf', you will understand what I am referring to when I complain about it. Here is how this wonderful little assignment is given:


1. Finish teaching previous sport.

2. Sit students down in classroom.

3. Tell the to start writing a 20-page essay on the history of golf.

4. Announce that essay must be turned in by tomorrow.

5. Snicker evilly.

What torture!

In Conclusion

I am not telling you you not to do your homework. How will you complete your objectives without passing high school? On the whole, the teachers in question are usually skilled. But sometimes I feel the urge to ask this to the teachers of the world:

P.S. If any of my teachers see this, please do not lower my grade.

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