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Tom Marvolo Riddle


Posted by ME.

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Tom Marvolo Riddle

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Hobbes - Keeper of Himself to Himself,(scout)

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

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Tom Marvolo Riddle

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Nightshade, Guardian Angel and Grey Lady

Is this peer review or not?

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Tom Marvolo Riddle

Yes, I know this is Peer Review. Until the rejected entries have been moved, however, they are here to stay. "Idaho" should stay in Peer Review. Most of my other current articles could be moved on to the workshop.


A661213-On Social Hierarchy

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Dr Hell

Excellent entry... But not for the edited guide, I'm afraid.


A661213-On Social Hierarchy

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Hi there!

You know, I'd love to see a serial of this done in the Post! Maybe if you expand your ideas for the Post!

I'd be a reader... didn't know that Voldemort was an aspiring writer as well as big evil person!

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a girl called Ben


A661213-On Social Hierarchy

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

Yeah, I'd like to see more of this sort of thing in the Post. Perhaps you ought to head off and see the researcher commonly known as

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h2g2 auto-messages

Editorial Note: This conversation has been moved from 'Peer Review' to 'The Alternative Writing Workshop'.

...at the author's request. smiley - smiley

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a girl called Ben

I am trying to remember what I was doing in December 2001 that I had time to bookmark and not to post. smiley - huh

Anyway, I like this a lot. I am not sure that anyone else will. But I found it to the point, mildly amusing, and quietly disturbing. Just my favourite kind of entry.

I am curious to know what other UltraViolets think of this.


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LL Waz

Cleverly done, neat and succinct. I like it. And I love the first seven posts of this 'peer review'!
Waz, UVtoBeMaybe

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Accurate too, this. What ho the classless society...

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Bumping another classic up that has been criminally ignored.

If this goes in the UG I think it should contain the first posts that it got in PR as well

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Ah... very smiley - silly I like the way this sounds when I read it out loud

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I don't know if I'm missing something but I didn't think so much of this. It's sort of clever and sort of amusing but I didn't think it was anything terribly special. And it's been kicking about forever.

Suggesting a move.

N - posibly the first member of a sub-them category.

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LL Waz

I think it depends whether it's read as the author claiming to be 'ME' or not. It would be cool to do a rewrite using the viewer tag in place of 'I'.

But the author's not here for that. I don't see it as a UG piece. I'll second a move.

I'll post it to ~jwf~'s CACC prospects as well. The review by Peers is a classic.

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