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I, of course, am ME. I am the center of the universe, and there is nothing you can do about it. So there.


The group known as Us is made up of the select few who happen to be among my acquaintances. Although the Usses are not at the level of ME, they are of very high stature.


Sub-Usses do not know ME personally. They are the men and women that ME sees on TV, in newspapers, and by word of mouth. Tom Brokaw is a prime example of a Sub-Us. Sub-Usses's opinions are sometimes, if not often, considered by the mighty ME.


Now, the Thems. They are the people who have no connection with ME whatsoever. In other words, they are the lowest of the low. Unlike the Usses, the Thems have no standing with ME. If you are a Them, you should try to raise yourself to the status of Us as quickly as possible without being too annoying to ME. Now, out of MY sight immediately!

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