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Y2K is a problem that people have been worrying
about for somewhere around 2 years now. Bascially,
people are afraid that when the year 2000 AD hits, all
the computers will crash, telephone systems will go
off-line, and utter chaos will result. Oblivious to the fact
that this is the prediction for everything from afternoon
thundershowers to downloading Windows, people
continue to panic. Many companies hire consultants to
tell them what the companies should do to be "Y2K
compliant", and how much they, the consultants,
should be paid for it. The highly recommended
consultants ( the expensive ones) recommend going
through the entire company system, checking for any
refernces to future dates. The more cynical (and
cheaper) consultants recommend waiting to see what
happens, and if the customers get a really messed up
product after 2000 then that's their problem. So far,
employers have decided on the expensive
consultants' plan, but employees, who all hate the
customers anyhow, really like the cheaper consultants,
plus hiring them doesn't cut into their pay.

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