Rules of the Horror Film genre

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The horror film genre has been scaring and delighting fans for generations, from the early black and white "Hammer" horrors through the 1970s banned "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Driller Killer" to today's "Scream" trilogy and "Jeepers Creepers".

As any horror film buff knows, all good horrors follow certain rules. These cinematographic Ten Commandments are below:

1. When you enter a room, never turn on the lights

2. If you're carrying a torch, you'll drop it or the batteries will run out

3. Always walk past discarded weapon in times of dire danger

4. Never involve the police

5. Don't bother with the telephone - somehow the line has already been "cut" (although most are now underground)

6. When you're tracking the killer with a friend, always split up to "cover more ground"

7. Attacks always happen at night, never by day

8. If you're trapped inside the house, don't stand in front of closed doors, cupboards or windows

9. You're bound to know the killer

10. Always leave the killer alive by the skin of his teeth, to allow for the inevitable sequel 8)

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