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Entry: Kalendae (or Kalends) - A65272250
Author: Manuela - U14056809

I'm worried. Is this too short?

A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Hi Manuela

Nice to meet you!

Please don't be worried - smiley - smiley

Your entry is short - but I can't really suggest how you could lengthen it. However, there is this Entry here: A577505 Roman Dates. This has a very brief sentence explaining Kalends - so might I propose that you submit your paragraph to the Curators as an Update? That is to say - your paragraph could be incorporated into the old Entry - to make it a much better one smiley - zen

Let me know what you think - and I'll help you through the process.

Lanzababy Scout

A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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How do I submit a paragraph to the curators? I'm sort of new to all this.

A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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If you have anything to add to an existing entry that is to small to make an entry please look here http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/UpdateForum
This will tell you how smiley - smiley

A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

This part of your entry:

>>>>> Because the months had different lengths, on some months the Ides fell on the thirteenth and the Nones fell on the fifth. The Kalends however, always stayed on the first day, no matter what. The word Kalendae is also where we get the word Calendar from.

Kalendae wasn’t exactly a holiday. The Romans didn’t hold a celebration for the start of each new month, but they acknowledged it. Let’s just say that interest and debt were usually due on the Kalends, which never puts anyone in a celebrating mood.<<<<<

smiley - modThis could be edited to fit the house style, and add the additional information about the word 'calendar'

smiley - biro [[Because the months had different numbers of days, in some months the Idus fell on the thirteenth and the Nonae fell on the fifth. The Kalends however, always remained the first day, whatever the length of the month. The word Kalends is also where we get the word calendar from.

Kalends wasn’t a holiday. The Romans didn’t celebrate the start of each new month, but they did acknowledge it. Interest and debt were usually due on the Kalends.]]

If you are happy with this - then I can post it on your behalf to Editorial Feedback. In particular, you may wish to check which Latin plurals or singulars should be used - referencing the original Edited Guide Entry. (are they correct in this - or are your versions correct - I don't know, it is many, many years since I took Latin) If you're not sure then there are other experts on h2g2 who will offer help smiley - smiley

smiley - zenLanzababysmiley - elf


A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Manuela didn't reply - so I propose to ask the Eds to return this to Entry.

Any thoughts?

Lanzababy Scout

A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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Yes, seconded for return to entry. smiley - ok

BMT Scout

A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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Hello, sorry for not replying. I havent been online in a month.smiley - sadface
Anyway, i made the changed you suggested. Thanks. What should i do now?

A65272250 - Kalendae (or Kalends)

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Ooooh Manuela! nice to have you back with us!

do have some refreshments! smiley - chocsmiley - cupcake etc.

Where have you been to?

anyway - as it is a little bit late here ( British Summertime) 1140 pm I will take your paragraph and recommend to the curators that it is added to the article on Roman Dates. I'll do it tomorrow, when I am less tired...smiley - zzz

Where abouts are you from Manuela?


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