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several, a/k/a random

i can't take time to write a doctoral essay either, a master's thesis....however this goes down, there OUGHT to be a Guide Entry for RAH in some way, shape or form. i'm just tryin' to help it along.
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This is a great entry - but not even a mention of the Starship Troopers film?

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several, a/k/a random

starship troopers the movie was somewhere else, as compared to the RAH book itself...
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rooftiler - back again, for another bit at least

As yet another Heinlein fan, I think it's a crying shame this article isn't in the EG yet! OK so there are many other things that could be done to the article depending on what 'spin' or thematic focus you wanted to take - or how much space you want to use up! But as a general intro to RAH I think it's great.

There is always the possibility of an update or updates, even - any italics like to clarify if there's a time limit between promoting an edited entry and updating it?

I suggest this article goes in the guide just now, and seeing as there will not be any more new University Projects, perhaps we can do an 'unofficial' project - e.g. expanding this entry to several (no relation!): one on RAH's life, at least one on his works (a bibliography of his own books would probably take up one entry!) and one or more on his philosophy, or at least covering different views as discussed/expounded in different works.

Let's not try & make this entry something it's not: viz, an exhaustive biography, bibliography, hagiography and any other-ography of RAH. You know the line about pleasing x people for y time....?

Sorry all that wasn't meant to be a rant, more a sort of frustrated exhortation. ish.

PS I am willing to take part in said proposed expansion, in case anyone was wondering...

PPS I think this article's great - in case that view didn't come across in the above smiley - smiley

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as I said earlier, most entries of this quality would have already been picked, so I see no problem with someone choosing this and getting it in as is.

it can always be updated later.

the only reason it was delayed at all is that too many of us are heinlein nuts, and thus kept providing extra material.

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several, a/k/a random

there are at least three links to existing websites on RAH i know of, and yes, i agree that the Guide Entry need not be all-encompassing but deserves mention in the h2g2 in some way, shape or form. i'm not around much (except in Egon's Sports in the Post) but if i can do anything to help, i'll find the bleeping time. Heinlein deserves it. smiley - vampire

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several, a/k/a random

should anyone care, a previously unreleased RAH book titled "For Us, the Living" is scheduled for publication in november. if i get time, i'll check the existing sites for details.
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several, a/k/a random

and i trust that this potential Guide entry doesn't get lost in the shuffle.
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So, what happened to this one? smiley - erm

I just finished reading 'The Door into Summer' and it made me remember my earlier comment 'that Heinlein in his later years was simply writing about the joys of incestuous pedophilia (or pedophilic incest)'. In fact, in 1957, in the fairly early years wrote this:

'". . . tell me one thing -- are you glad you waited for me to grow up?"

I did my darnedest to convince her that I was.'

p. 156 of the 1972 Signet edition of 'The Door into Summer'

the initial speaker is Ricky, who fell in love with the thirty-something narrator when she (Ricky) was a twelve-year old. Through a combination of time-travel and suspended animation, the two are reunited and married when she is twenty-something and he is still thirty-something. When I read the above quoted passage, I felt like the narrator actually did his darnedest to convince himself that he was glad he'd waited for her to grow up.

I'm sorry, but I find that very often Heinlein is channelling Humbert Humbert.smiley - erm

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello anhaga smiley - smiley


The author withdrew it from PR but it couldn't be submitted to the Flea Market because the author marked it "not for review" so there's no "submit for review" button on the Entry. However, having read the thread and read that the author did give his permission for someone else with more time than him to take this over, I am going to consider this scavengablesmiley - ok


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