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The Fuzzies

The Fuzzies. Where to start? Well, the Fuzzies are or were, a group of people who appeared in many twisted versions of much beloved classic films and television programmes.

What are the Fuzzies?

Generally four females, with age ranging from approximately fourteen years of age, through to approximately twenty five years of age. These four occasionally changed their names, and often their breeds, depending upon the context of the land and dimension they were in.

Who are the Fuzzies?


Abigail, the most creatively driven member of this group, was generally known as Abi. Playing the functional member of the group throughout their later pieces, Abigail was often portrayed as helpless, although she seemingly had incredible constitution. Abigail was very humour-orientated, and as a result, the anomalies and seemingly random characters that appeared throughout their piees can generally be attributed to her.


Catherine, generally known as 'Cat' in their early work, later became known as 'Cayt'. Catherine was generally represented as being short and dark, often having the properties of Gothism attributed to her. Hobbits were Catherine's forte, and she excelled at playing both Sam and Merry in Save the Hobbits, and played Gandalf throughout their run. Catherine was the undisputed leader of the Fuzzies, and directed most pieces.


Katherine had, perhaps, the most difficult job when it came to writing the pieces. Katherine, known throughout their work as 'Kay', edited the pieces and had the greatest knowledge of the original storylines. All reference went through Katherine, who continually picked up the parts of Aragorn and Pippin. Katherine could always be relied upon to know both her own lines and everybody else's as well.


Rebecca, known later as 'Becky', had a great sense of the dramatic, and when a car drove off a cliff, or somebody fell into a coma, it was generally Rebecca's doing. Rebecca, the classic beauty of the group, almost always managed to get the parts of Arwen during the Lord of the Rings stage. Later, when the group got beyond that, Rebecca was always with the hero, saving people. This contrasted with Catherine's manipulative nature, and tendency towards playing murderers, and with Abigail's innocence.

What did The Fuzzies do?

The first major project that the fuzzies undertook was known simply as, 'Save the Hobbits'. This was not a production in the style of much of their later work, as is increasingly obvious. Save the Hobbits was, unsurprisingly, based loosely on Tolkien's, 'the Lord of the Rings'. Beginning with the leaving of Rivendell, these four intrepid explorers took the parts of every character from then onwards, right through to the end of 'the Fellowship of the Ring', ending with scene thirteen, when they sang a modified version of the song 'Where do we go from here?'.

Save the Hobbits led to a series of Lord of the Rings based adventures, all of them involving these four, with the occasional addition of one extra sub-member, taking the parts of all of the hobbits, elves, rangers, dwarves, orcs, heroes, villains, and occasionally the ring, a piece of rope, and other inanimate objects. These included One Ring to rule them all, parts one to three, Mount Doom and Back again, parts one to three, and the infamous 'Council of Elrond'.

The Council of Elrond

The council of Elrond was the groups first truly major undertaking. The script being ovr six pages long, and each actor taking on three or more parts, and playing them all simultaneously while seated aorund a table, the fuzzies also filmed, directed, produced, and edited this production. No details were overlooked, and this, it is said by many, was their first masterpiece.

Branching Out

The Fuzzies soon tired of this world of hobbits, ents and the hokey-pokey. Their first alternative undertaking took the form of sending themselves, as completely different characters, into the lands of middle-earth. Thus the form of "When the Fuzzies..." was born.

When the Fuzzies...

When the Fuzzies were in Middle Earth was a truly epic work, with a script of over forty pages, including over five appendices. This work was followed by When the Fuzzies were in Lost, which ran to seven seasons before it was finally concluded. With nothing but time on their hands, the Fuzzies split up and all began to write their own pieces. Each working separately, the strength of their writing was declining rapidly, and they knew that they had to unite again.

When the Fuzzies were in Veronica Mars

When the Fuzzies were in Veronica Mars was the project to bring them back together. All thoughts of the OC and of Sunnydale were scrapped as they turned their thoughts to Neptune, California. Removing most of the original characters, the Fuzzies were once again where they should be. The leading characters, together once more.

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