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A slightly unusual edition of MaW's Musings this week. Why? Because of two important reasons, which I shall explain below.

I'm Asleep

This morning I woke up late. I guess I need to get a louder alarm clock or something - but whatever the cause, my brain hasn't fully woken up yet. This has impaired my ability to write in my usual creative, rambly fashion. Thus this treatise on exactly why this edition of my Musings is more unusual than normal.

I have Writer's Block

Or you could call it, I suppose, a shortage of Creative Inspiration. This is the reason why it matters that I'm asleep this morning, because usually by this time on a Wednesday, the article would be written and ready to send off to Shazz for inclusion in the latest edition of the Post. However, this time it isn't, so I'm having to write it now with very few words coming out of my mind, down my arms and into the fingers which type them out on this remarkably horrible keyboard. It requires far too much pressure on the individual keys, and it's starting to make my fingers ache.

As to why I have Writer's Block - I don't know, but I think it might have something to do with how busy I've been lately. It seems that no sooner do I wake up than I'm ready to go to sleep again, but no, I can't, because I have to have breakfast and a shower, then I have to go to lectures, organise the money for the Tai Chi Society, go to more lectures, go to group project meetings, go and buy food. Oh, and then I have to cook the stuff. Although it is, I'll admit, infinitely better than anything I could get in halls last year. My trick last night of forgetting to turn on the extractor and hence setting off three smoke alarms simultaneously didn't go down too well with my housemates though, but at least now we know that they work! The test buttons are all very well, but they don't beat actual smoke. And all I was doing was grilling some sausages!

Unfortunately, my Writer's Block has also affected my programming, so a website I'm working on at the moment has temporarily ground to a halt. This is a site written in PHP, using MySQL as the database server to provide storage and access for forums, member information etc. etc. It's a fun project to do, but not always the easiest...

I've ground to a halt now, so I'll stop and leave you all free to go and peruse the other articles this week, which are no doubt far more interesting than mine.


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