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The Seagull

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Points to a "Page cannot be found"

The Seagull

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Post Team

Thanks SE smiley - hug

I have corrected it for you (and everyone else) now. smiley - ok

shazz smiley - magic

The Seagull

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If I wasn't so amazed at the size of this thing I'd be amazed that anyone looks at it. God, those False Modesty lessons really paid off.

The Seagull

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smiley - laughsmiley - winkeye

shazz smiley - magic

The Seagull

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The really amazing thing spim is that someone is still looking at it a year later!

Perhaps it IS the size of the thing?

Ho hum...smiley - whistle

(bet my archive never gets this big!!!)

smiley - zensmiley - devilTerri

The Seagull

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Once you set eyes on it, it's really rather difficult to remove them again. However, I fear this archive has reached its full girth for now, and I'm sure yours will achieve fulsomeness in due course Terri.

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