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Smiley Ben

Wow! Somebody actually liked this film. Most people I know, quite rightly IMO, thought it was mad, confused, and riddled with faults, resulting in a dreadful (but pretty) flop...


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Well, it takes all sorts. smiley - smiley

I didn't say it was perfect, but its ambition and scope earned it a lot of leeway (IMO). Maybe it is a bit sentimental, but not cloyingly so.

What particular flaws spoilt it for you?


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Smiley Ben

Hmm. Can't you tell? The bit where, an hour from the end, the writers / directors / everyone involved lost any sanity... the way that they introduced random, totally unnecessary irrelevant bits, failed to finish the film, and just generally seem to have had nobody there to say 'Er, guys, perhaps this doesn't work'.

I don't think it was especially ambitious - ridiculous, over the top, sci-fi pap is easy to churn out...


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Were we watching the same movie? smiley - smiley

I admit it wasn't especially focussed, but I'd rather see a movie that tried to do too much than too little. What random, irrelevant bits, anyway? I thought it all pretty much tied into either David's need to be loved or the ramifications of humans creating intelligent beings just to give them affection.

Also it was nice to see a big-budget studio SF movie that didn't need a full-auto holocaust to resolve the story. And if you're going to say the ending doesn't work, well, the same can be said for 2001, a film I thought this resembled in some ways.

You honestly thought this was pap? Jurassic Park 3 was pap (high-quality pap, as it turned out, but still pap). Even if you think it didn't succeed, at least AI *tried* to have a brain...

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