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Researcher 14993127

Whiskey, no probs about hours in the day. May I refer you to Footnote 2 here:- F22114383?thread=8286820 smiley - spacesmiley - whistlesmiley - spacesmiley - run

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

smiley - laugh Whisky, we have plenty of spanners. We could do with a few mechanics to clear them up for us please.

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aka Bel - A87832164

Whisky, that's fabulous. smiley - somersault

I even managed to add it to my google reader now that had a direct link. smiley - magic

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This will probably be seen as me being destructive again..but too bad because it isn't.

The whole tone and way Create is represented is something I detest. It is so 'Blue Peter' as to be untrue...and so far from anything to do with the spirit of h2g2 as I could imagine.

Why on earth are we treating people like little kids with lollie pops of prizes being offerred.

Truthfully if that whole culture here carries on I will do the same as anhaga and gradually leave.


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I honestly keep thinking all the stuff to do with Create must be Irony...but it isn't is it..

I'm thinking to contact Jeremy Clarkson and his gang to come on board...smiley - biggrin


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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Could I ask why the <./>announcements</.> have moved house? Just curious.

TRiG.smiley - geek


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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

stamp duty?

No idea myself


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Secretly Not Here Any More

This is why you rile people up Effers. You could've said "does anyone else think that Create comes over as a bit Blue Peter?" and opened a dialogue, but no. It's got to be the adversarial route.

You have to throw it back into volunteer's faces with "I DETEST this tone! I shall leave for I care not for the tone of this one section of h2g2!"

Tone is important in conversations, as well as in announcements.


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That's an interesting point Effers.

I'm sorry that the Create project doesn't appeal to you. Fortunately it does appeal to other people, of I've enjoyed taking part in NaJoPoMo, and also submitted an article for the Christmas project on how to cope with a vegetarian at Christmas.

I suspect that you're not really the target audience for create, a lot of the projects are for people who haven't written a great deal or maybe those who are stuck for something to write about. Of course that doesn't mean that other people won't enjoy taking part. You've said recently that you've been writing since you were 7 and have completed at least one novel. But for someone who hasn't written a great deal things like this can give inspiration and support.

What sort of projects would you like to see run?

I remember you discussing a project about an exhibition of bookcase art, which seemed really interesting.

(Ok I have a photo of a cool bookcase taken especially so I'm biased on this one).


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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

I personally would not participate in the create project, but am still for it. I do not see why you cannot support it even if you are not wanting to be a member. I really can't understand why you are against it, it doesn't corrupt hootoo for you.

On coming to ideas for projects, is there/should there be a place where people can drop ideas for the create project?


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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

hi nbb, please visit U14992038 and see the link to where you can add ideas, volunteer to support and many other things.

( you can find the link to Create from the front page as well)


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Yes Mr603 I do rile people up. Lots of artists do. My very bestest Rock and Roll mate Pete from Glasgow does all the time. But we get on fine. That guy has been so creative, in his life as to be untrue..(and he only has half a liver left now)...it comes of being really real in this clucked up sht hole of a society.

I've made my views abundantly clear anyway...

End with a song.



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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

Do you consider it to benefit the convo having that tone? Do you consider that being an artist entitles you to be impolite to those that are polite to you?


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Could you re-post that to my PS Dr. Zen?

I'll need to be reminded.

And yes I have a ton to offer this place...but I can't do it via Create...without ripping the crp out of it.

Maybe I could set up something as an alternative to Create?

That's a just a thought...

(Mr. Zen you are defo someone I can do business with smiley - ok).


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I'm not really here

h2g2's always had challenges for things to write about, it's nothing new. smiley - huh Can't see what there is to get riled up about. Most of the ones I've been involved in have been for the Edited Guide, but I've done challenges for The Post, and of course h2g2's Topic of the Week and Talking Point has been around phew, well, forever... A649 and the Talking Point isn't that much younger. A242001 It's all the same thing. Places on h2g2 set up to get people involved and contributing in some way.


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Baron Grim

So... Effers... If this place doesn't fit your expectations you'd rather destroy it.

I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for your outbursts.


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Secretly Not Here Any More

Yeah Effers, real cool. You're like, so creative.

So are half the people here. I hang out with poets and musicians. I've dabbled myself. Doesn't give me the right to demand that this site is remade in my image.


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - bigeyes

So the Queen of Hearts finds
no one willing to play
croquet her way.

Eff with her head!
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Dr. Zen I want to set up something called, 'Destroy'

How do I go about it?

And remember I said I'm now volunteered.

(If we truly want a cross section of folk here...that should be fine as well..just like in real life. I might even persuade my mate Pete to join, once 'Destroy' is up and running.)


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Fizzymouse- no place like home

Just what we need, another 'evil army'.smiley - rolleyes

What about creating something called 'BUILD' or 'SUSTAIN'?

smiley - mouse

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