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I occasionally write things.

Edited Guide Entries

(Factual Writing)

A6378744 — A collaborative entry written by U128652. I contributed a little, and am credited as an author.

A16407173 — This one is mine. It's a recycled college assignment. U723247 was very helpful in Peer Review, and contributed an entire section on PM10s, and so is listed as a coauthor.

A22691469 — This one was written by U151503. I contributed only a short quote, but was credited as coauthor nonetheless. It's a hootoo tradition to give people full credit for any contribution, so I didn't mind.

A34088024 — All my own work. I'm quite proud of this one, actually. I had to do quite a bit of reading to put it together.

A51822902 — Another collaborative entry by U151503. I had a small input into its writing, and am credited as a coauthor. Again, I'm not really a coauthor, but hootoo has a tradition of awarding full credit to anyone who contributes even a little.

A54511986 — One of mine. It's geeky, and very dry, but informative. And I like the title.

A55727247 — A collaborative entry which I had so little to do with I've forgotten who put it together. Nor can I find my contribution. Perhaps I'll ask for my name to be removed from it. I do recall saying a couple of things in the conversation which gave rise to this entry, so I wasn't entirely uninvolved.

Post Entries

(Articles Published in h2g2's Newspaper)

A41898027 — A true story of the time I nearly drowned.

A47562870 — A collaborative effort at something vaguely approaching poetry.

A62840207 — Collaborative. Three memories are mine.

A87760551 — A journal entry which was nabbed for the Post.

Miscellaneous Guide Entries

(General Writing not published anywhere particular)

A16902281 — A little digression on theology. Possibly slightly amusing. I am no longer religious, but I think the reasoning here remains sound.

A23908151 — A geeky guide to hootoo.

A23908205 — A geeky guide to hootoo.

A52724801 — I have no interest in sport, but I am interested in defining things.

A13114739 — A silly idea to give links to the Peer Review discussions of all Edited Guide entries.

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