A Conversation for Talking Point: What does it mean to be a good friend?

For me a friend is

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west wind

someone who you know will be there where you need them no matter how far away

someone you can talk to but also someone you can spend time with and not have to talk

someone you may not see or speak to for a long time yet still share the same feeling of friendship for each other

someone you want to do more for than you can because you know they would do more for you if they could

someone you cry for when they have troubles because you know they deserve better

For me a friend is

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I know just what you mean about the "they deserve better" bit. A very good friend of mine has been treated wretchedly by her former roommates and some of her other "friends." She is the dearest person, and has done nothing to warrant such mean treatment. I am left very puzzled, and wondering "Why her?"

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