the Unhappy Fairy

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The Unhappy Fairy

Deep in the forest there is a village and in that village lived a fairy. Her name was Cassy. She loved to sing and dance and all the others loved to watch. There was just two tiny little problems. This young fairy couldn't get her magical wand to work and never understood magic. She loved the magic of nature. Also there was an unfortunate accident that happened. Cassy tripped into a mouse's home when she was little and the evil mouse ate her wings.
One night Cassy packed up her things, which included beads, cloths, water, and her failed wand, and decided to run away. She would travel at night and follow the north star. For some reason she felt that her future was there beyound the cold dark trees that confide her to the one place that torments her.
The night was cold and there was a brisk wind but the sky was clear. Cassy kept pressing on not even knowing that there was a hole in her bag and she was leaving a path of beads. The cold fairy stopped when the sun was just coming up and she fell down and went fast asleep.
Back at the village a young strong,and magical male fairy named Jack saw the trail of beads and followed it picking them up along the way. He kept on walking until he saw Cassy awake and singing very loud but very beautiful. Then up above he saw a horrible angry be that was about to charge at Cassy. Quickly Jack flys towards her and takesthrows her out of danger into a prickily weed.
" Your welcome." jack says expecting praise.
" you could have Killed me you Fool!"

To be continued..........

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