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I'm not really here

As you seem to have some questions about h2g2, I thought I'd come and answer them for you. smiley - smiley I'm an ACE, am Assistant Community Editor, and a Guru, so I should be able to help with anything you need. smiley - smiley Feel free to come to my space any time you like.

"Every write-up has to be checked over by their editors (read lawyers)."
That's not quite true, anyone can write up anything they like, and it never needs looking at by an editor unless they want it included in the Edited Guide. Then it's edited. smiley - smiley

"There are currently (over a year after launch)"
Well over two years now, this is a long running site. smiley - smiley

"about five write-ups on the site."
I'd like to know where you get your figures from, I've written more than five myself since I have been here. I think my edited list runs at nearly 20.

"There are also some baffling (in their pointlessness and poorness of execution) Flash movies, which have nothing to do with the actual books/radio show/etc."
Are you sure you have the right place? There are no flash movies here...

"They also have a (vapourware) WAP version in the offing,"
smiley - erm no we don't. We used to have WAP, but not any more.

"Look how big E2 is with effectively no publicity, whereas you get loads, and H2G2 is still pathetically tiny."
87,780 registered researchers? Tiny? I must go and see E2 to see how big it is! It must have hundreds of thousands of contributers there. smiley - smiley Quite an achievment.

"(yup, I've had to register again because they've redesigned the front end. This is called BAD F*****G DESIGN.)"
You shouldn't have had to reregister. h2g2 always remembers it's researchers. Maybe you didn't understand the reactivation process from when the BBC took over? Email [email protected] with your original user number, and they will help you.

"Clicking the Don't Panic button results in a 100K+ document."
There isn't a Don't Panic button. It's now called Help.

"And you get a number instead of a name. And this from the author of Bureaucracy?"
We all get assigned a number, you can change it in the preferences, to whatever you like. It's a much better way than h2g2 giving you a name I think. smiley - smiley

If you need any other help, you only have to ask. smiley - smiley

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Go-Go Girl

Hi Ryan

What a shame that you have posted this article to E2 already, for, as Mina has already pointed out, it is inaccurate in it's description of H2G2. However, I note that Mina's response is also there on E2, which is good, as it is a fair portrayal of H2G2.

I hope that with time, you will find your views have changed and that H2G2 is in fact a good site, and a fun place to be. smiley - smiley

Go Go Girl

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I'm not really here

Thanks for pointing this out Go-Go Girl, as it has been posted under someone else's name. smiley - sadface I'm going to be taking advice on this. smiley - sadface

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

If you don't like smileys, you aren't going to like h2g2!

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