A Conversation for Adventures in Uselessness, a Tale of Getting Paid

At least the government is competitive with the private sector.

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Having had many many jobs I can see moments of these instances in about all of them. One hopes that these are isolated incedents (given the description of all six cases I rather doubt it). You both have my sincerest sympathies. My last check from my first job took three weeks to find after a malfunctioning printer messed mine up. It was jammed in the printer and the payroll dept never thought to see which ones were missing. As a result myself and three other people did not get timely paychecks. As I was 17 and living with my folks at the time it really did not bother me, but on of the other people who missed thiers nearly got kicked out of their house over it.
Let's face it. All employers suck.

At least the government is competitive with the private sector.

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Hear, hear, Marv! I used to work for a publishing company that came up an amazing range of excuses for not paying the people who wrote for its magazines. On one occasion, they actually produced a complete cheque run for all the freelance contributors in which every cheque was made out for £0.00. They said it was a mistake, but to this day I remain convinced that it was one of the executives fulfilling his ultimate fantasy.

Another line they used repeatedly was 'the machine that folds the cheques and puts them in the envelopes has broken down'. Funny, when I went down to the accounts department to confront them directly (which always seemed to be the only way to get anything done), there seemed to be a lot of humanoids there with opposable thumbs. But doing the job by hand didn't seem to have occured to them.

They also once seriously claimed that it took three days for e-mails authorising payments to get from our office to theirs (in the same building). I offered to take a print-out down there by hand, but of course that 'wasn't company policy'.

Perhaps the message here is to get a job in the department responsible for employee payments. You're unlikely ever to get a hard time from your bosses, because if you mess up all that will happen is that money will not go out of the company or corporation you're working for, and the executives won't worry about that.

Oh, sorry, almost forgot: there will be another result if you mess up. A lot of innocent people will be caused a lot of inconvenience and anxiety. Perhaps some honest, hard-working employee might get evicted from their home because they can't pay their rent. But events like that won't negatively affect the company's share price or the balance of the corporation's budget, so they'll never be seen as important by the creatures in the expensive suits.

Yes, Marv, you are so right. All employers are smiley - bleeps. smiley - steam

At least the government is competitive with the private sector.

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Well, no matter where you work, the problem with the payroll department is the same... you just can't go across the street to the *other* payroll department to get paid.

Too much authority. Too little accountability. And too little give-a-damn for their fellow man. I see this in so many other aspects of "civilization," it makes me want to abandon it altogether, build a cabin in the Sierras, and sprinkle the road to my place with landmines.

At least the government is competitive with the private sector.

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speaking as payroll department (one of the many hats i wear at my present employ) i must defend some of us smiley - winkeye
whenever one of my employees comes to me because something is not right with their paycheck i work as quickly as possible (15 minutes at most) to get it straight and cut them an extra check to correct the problem...not saying we all do that but i do...of course i know how important my paycheck is and have had it not given to me on time before so i guess that helps (having been on the other side and all).
anyway, sorry to butt in but thought since it was late at night for me and i am not online often anymore i would just ramble about a bit smiley - winkeye

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