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Last year I was out in Hong Kong for a few days and I picked up some Chien Tung sticks from a market stall. These claim to be 'The Oldest Known Method of Fortune Telling in the World'. Sounds pretty authentic eh? Basically, they consist of a number of numbered sticks with small Chinese kanji on them, which match up to a series of fortunes in a little book which comes with them. Fortune-telling is then simple. To quote the instructions:

Grasp the container firmly with both hands, shake deftly with confidence, perceive quickly the first well chosen stick, read out its numbered passage from the text, ponder deeply the future so indicated, and realize its application as your future becomes the living present.

With such a powerful mechanism for parting the mists of time in my possession it would be churlish of me to withhold the secrets of the future from my fellow researchers, so I resolve to shake deftly and confidently on your behalf and, to quote the book again, 'point out the future for all beings'.

Today's Prediction - Updated 7th October 2001

Your luck for today

A lucky number for today

It's ood for you in every way.

Your fortune

The fates don't favour racing,

Games of chance they don't advise;

But just the same you'll speculate,

And win if you are wise.


You will soon meet someone with ingratitude.


So, have you been enlightened by the wisdom above? Did the deep insight of the ancient Chinese masters shed light on your future and cause you to marvel at the inner mystical currents which shape both your destiny and the destiny of a little painted balsa-wood stick? Why not share your results or feelings with the world?

Enter your comments here grasshopper, but remember the shifting nature of the future and quote today's fortune if it was particularly relevant!

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